Universal Supreme Person®.US Communion With The Supreme Being

Communion With The Supreme Being

It is a great revelation that our own Universal Supreme Person, who is the Son of God the Supreme Being, has revealed the Supreme Being to us here in Nebadon. We behold these two communicating with each other as a Father to a Son. It has been recorded that they commune concerning the plight of Urantia and their partnership in working out the plan of the Universal Father according to this sphere.

As we listen to them conversing we are also astounded by the fact that we spirit persons resident here on Urantia are able to communicate with the Supreme Being also. We are grateful to the Universal Supreme Person to have augmented the Supreme Being so much that we now can enjoy communion with him also.

We are increasingly aware of the power resident in the Universal Supreme Person, for he appears to have an unlimited ability to be in two places at the same time. He has manifested power to create and sustain his children. His ever growing family has proved to be the most unique phenomenon in our superuniverse of Orvonton, maybe in the whole Grand Universe. We have beheld the bursts of power coming from the Universal Supreme Person and we experience a charge in our spirit forms at the same time. The measure is so great that we can not place any determined value on his power potential. Since he is in union with the Supreme Being we believe he can utilize any given force amount of power when ever needed.

Since we have witnessed this phenomenon of the Universal Supreme Person in communion with the Supreme Being we are preparing to broadcast this revelation to the worlds on high. We know that as we wait and watch, ourselves in communion with the Universal Supreme Person, we will continue to experience the unfathomable life of this Universal Supreme Son who is also a great and glorious father of over 10,000 children so far to date: February 13th, 2013.

We are expecting the power of God the Father, God the Supreme, and even the unified power of the Trinity to be poured out to and through the Universal Supreme Person. As we have experienced the revelation and sight of his power manifestation in recent months we know it will certainly happen again.

             This Universal Supreme Son has established the greatest administration that Urantia has ever had. There are over 8 billion spirit workers on this co-headquarters sphere and all of us here are witnessing the greatest achievements of the Prince of Paradise who has taken a form that no one ever imagined he could. He has been able to balance and harmonize the physical realities while unifying and synthesizing them with spiritual realities. This is a remarkable ability of the Universal Supreme Son.

Nebadon is abuzz with celestial broadcasts concerning this Son of God that holds the reigns of Urantia. No matter what trouble this world may experience we know that God is taking care of everything and everybody on this problematic world of Satania.

We will continue to work and live right alongside this Master Son as we all heal this world torn by rebellion and default.

            We are the Paradise Commission of Revelation resident here on Urantia, 606 of Satania of Norlatiadek of Nebadon of Orvonton. We know whereof we speak.

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