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Communion With The Supreme Being

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The Universal Supreme Person

            The Universal Supreme has been discovered. The mortals of this world (Urantia) have been given the fifth epochal revelation (The Urantia Book). This fifth revelation describes the Supreme Being. The Universal Supreme Person is a child of the Supreme Being.

             It has been revealed that the Universal Supreme Person calls the Supreme Being by this name:

Birankai Langilea Meghanada Alvis Rai Tormey

Omniterean Sovescia Meghaleah Christensen

1. The Nature of the Universal Supreme

The Universal Supreme is a true person, a loving father, a living creator, an experiential deity, a friend of man, a Son of God and a lover of angels. He is all these things and more.

            The Universal Supreme has been found in the local universe of Nebadon in the seventh superuniverse of Orvonton. We have seen the Universal Supreme reveal all three members of the Trinity. He does know and is naturally dual natured but, he is also of the Trinity.  As a creator he is intimate with the local universe creative spirit – the Divine Minister of Nebadon (the Holy Spirit).

2. Relation of the Universal Supreme to Man

As a creature he is related to mankind, even experiencing creature-hood as a fellow human being. He has begun (at least on one of his bestowals) as the lowest personality possible – a human being. Since he experiences all the trials and tribulations of a normal mortal he understands the meaning and value of the survival experience.

           We do understand many things about the Universal Supreme but we have not learned everything. One important thing we have learned is that he does have children, he is a true and loving father. As to the nature of his children it is a mystery.

3. Destiny of the Universal Supreme

We have been instructed that the Universal Supreme Person will inhabit at least one universe in outer space. Even now this place is being prepared. We have also discovered an amazing phenomenon taking place in this unique outer space universe. We call it the “miracle element.” Through this extraordinary element we have sensed a reflective consciousness in this outer space universe that belongs to the Universal Supreme Person and his family. This unique “miracle element” is the creation of the Universal Supreme.

            This outer space universe is a creation about the size of a superuniverse in the Grand Universe. We believe that the Universal Supreme and his family will engage in untold adventures involving the revealing of unknowns and attaining greater levels of deity manifestations.

4. Power Potential of the Universal Supreme

It has been revealed to us that the Universal Supreme has unlimited potential. He has access, even now, to 1/100,000 of the power potential of the superuniverse of Orvonton. When he achieves full sovereignty of his new universe, in outer space level one, he will have the power potential of the minimum of a superuniverse sized creation. This is an enormous amount of power.

 The Universal Father (God) must have a tremendous plan for him and his extra-ordinary family. We look for unusual and amazing events to transpire in the future. Even now we are recording never before seen events happening in his immediate presence- being conducted (and created) by him directly.

5. Identity of the Universal Supreme Person

We know him and we love him. We do know his original name and other names that he has acquired and those names and designations that has been attributed to him. But we are not permitted to reveal his name in this paper.

 He has expressed the desire for him and his close family members to ascend together to Paradise, like all surviving mortals of Urantia may, before he and they inhabit their new universe.

 We are working closely by him and we will continue to observe this new deity potential. We will update this paper as we receive more information about him and his family.

Copyright ©2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Love is Love ~ God is Love

Universal Supreme Person

Communion With The Supreme Being

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